Monday, December 12, 2005

First Post!

So I've created this here blog for a bunch of us RIT animation seniors to post our in-progress animation for critique. Either post a link to your video that you've uploaded to your webspace, or use vimeo like I did for this post! You get 20 megs of space per week with Vimeo. This 2 sec clip was compressed with H.264 and is only 44 kb. When you post your video to Vimeo, it will give you some HTML beneath the video that you can copy and paste right into the blogger entry, which will embed the quicktime for easy viewing. (You will want to keep video clips rather small...around 320x240 would be good.) Check back frequently and please comment on the animation!

View this clip on Vimeo


Blogger Davipalooza said...


pose nine of piere, the end of his swing his line of action changes and he breaks the arc. It would be fine if he went from pose seven to nine without ever coming up to eye level with suzette. Same thing with on the way back, except i think you can just add a slight hold after the recoil before she sings him back the other way. See me if you need clarification.

6:24 AM  

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